"My parents have quite a few items, saved after being in their home 60 years. Kim has been such a wonderful help, encouraging me, to help them get rid of things! She is very professional and has been a huge help! Could not ask for anyone better!"

- Carol, F

"There is no one like Kim Krogh of Elephant Organizing! Whatever space or clutter issues you have, she will tackle it with you effectively, efficiently, and thoughtfully! Streamlining my 30 year home office and culling through the priorities was impossible for me alone. The vision and implementation of Elephant Organizing services pulled it together painlessly and cost effectively. It will be a pleasure to refer her to my consultants and clients. There is no task Kim cannot master! Thank you, Elephant Organizing, for my stress free home office!"

- Bette, FL

"Kim was a life saver! I had recently had shoulder and arm surgery and I had to get everything out of my home to prepare to have my floors redone. I was feeling completely overwhelmed. But Kim came in and helped organize the whole project. My husband was a little skeptical but when we had moved everything out he was sing Kim’s praises as well. Thank you Kim. We could never have done it without you!"

- Aterina, FL

"Kim is a life saver. My husband and I were in desperate need of help. We needed to get our car into the garage before the summer heat. Kim came some distance to help us. When I was ready to give up she was steadfast and kept us going in the right direction to complete our task. It was truly amazing the amount of things we accomplished in one day. The weight lifted off our shoulders was worth every penny. I still tell everyone who askes how we got the truck inside the garage after our move and that we could not have done it without Kim's expert help."

- Laurie, FL

"When I finally couldn't wait any longer to get my "stuff organized" I met Kim, with Elephant Organizing. What a joyful, successful, fast paced day we had! I highly recommend calling her to help "get the organized ball rolling"!!

Kim listened to my thoughts, my challenges, and my ideas. She made sure she understood the "mission", and the day we worked together, we accomplished more than I could have ever managed alone! DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY. Schedule the appointment and watch the magic. Thank you SO much, Kim!"

- Wendy, FL

"I cannot say enough about the quality and sensitivity of the work of Kim Krogh Simply Organized Space. She has an eye for making rooms functional and good-looking. We had just done a small one-room addition to our home and THOUGHT we had a plan for the “old rooms.” I was SO wrong ---- even for the new room!!!! (But Kim never made me feel wrong or inadequate … it was like having a best friend sharing ideas with me.) We do NOT have an abundance of fine furniture with which to work. But Kim came in and asked ALL the right questions about how we wanted to use the space and how our family “functions” on a daily basis. Kim arranged my rooms in a way I would have NEVER thought of on my own … with NO clutter!!!! Each room is very functional and looks better than I would have ever made it without her. I feel like I have a new home when all I really have is one new room.”

- Patti, AL

"My husband and I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, help and counseling during this “process”!.  You are GOOD!! Thank you forever!!”

- Susan, AL

"Having SOS organize my living space was a life-changing event. Not only was my clutter annoying me, it was defining me, and I didn’t like that definition of myself or my home. Kim came in, and with total compassion, understanding and professionalism, helped me help myself. Living in a more organized environment has made life much more peaceful and centered. No value can be put on how much that means. Not only did Kim help organize my space, but she gave me valuable tips on how to continue to live clutter-free!”

- Tracy, VA

"Kim clearly has vision for the art of “what can be”, in terms of space design and consolidation. She does a wonderful job explaining one’s options. Once a plan of action is agreed upon, Kim becomes all arms and elbows – she’s as efficient with time as she will be with your space! As a bonus, Kim is as humorous as she is effective. Who knew clean-up could be so much fun?”

- Herm, FL

My husband and I desperately needed help with our funky master bedroom closet. Half of the closet sits over a staircase, which caused a ton of wasted space. Kim gave us a design that not only used every square inch of the closet, but finally functioned for both of us. Later, when we found out that we were going to have our first baby, I knew Kim was the person who could get the nursery closet squared away. In both cases, she used materials that we already had from the old designs, plus things we had around the house, to minimize our expenses when doing the redesign. Her designs were easy to understand and install, and she was always quick to get back to us if we had any questions. If you need help designing a closet, Kim's your gal!

- Kelsie, VA

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